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Kraft Curing Systems

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About us

German-based Kraft Curing Systems specialises in customised curing solutions for precast concrete production. Kraft has designed and installed more than 1000 curing systems in 56 countries, saving concrete producers time and money while optimizing quality. Concrete products cured with a Controlled Curing System by Kraft show less efflorescence and brighter colors and appear more consistent through secondary processing equipment. Production time as well as the amount of cement and pigment content is reduced. Concrete products are more durable, corners and edges are stronger, which results in less chipping, and they have a higher resistance to abrasion and chloride penetration.

Products and services

KRAFT Curing Systems specializes in custom-made curing solutions that deal with typical challenges of precast concrete production. Kraft technology improves product properties while saving cement and speeding up production cycles. Concrete is the foundation of modern society. For over 25 years KRAFT has promoted controlled concrete curing in order to improve the characteristics that make precast concrete structures and products better: strength, durability and aesthetics. Whether a concrete pipe buried in the ground, a prestress concrete bridge over water or concrete block and pavers in a shopping area, worldwide concrete curing specialist KRAFT Curing Systems is dedicated to making these products stronger, more durable and more aesthetically pleasing while saving the producers time and money.


A direct-fired vapor generator in conjunction with temperature
sensor(s) and motorized vapor control valve(s) accelerate concrete strength gain and increase concrete quality through the controlled addition of heat and humidity.
- 60% lower operating cost than a steam boiler
- increase form/mould turn-over, reduce form/mould costs
- 8-10 hour hardening duration for precast walls,
8-10 hour hardening duration for hollow-core,
16-18 hour hardening duration for prestress concrete



Optimizes the cement hydration process by circulating
the heat of hydration and moisture from the fresh
concrete for a consistent curing environment.
- reduced hardening duration, less breakage
- consistent colors, a substantially reduced risk of efflorescence
- no condensation on chamber surfaces
- 5 % cement reduction and a 1 to 2 year ROI

Curing Racks

Curing Racks

Heavy-duty racks from KRAFT CURING are the ideal solution for the storage of concrete products during the hardening process.
The stable and rugged K-profile design provides a durable solution for all curing applications.
- structural steel design per ISO EN 1090
- 55 µ (393 g/m2) galvanization per ISO EN 1461 after fabrication
- designs to meet IBC or other internationally recognized construction requirements are available
- 10-year functional & 2-year galvanization warranty

News & Innovations

TENTS FOR CONCRETE CURING  Retractable enclosures from KRAFT CURING provide a simple, economical and durable solution for curing concrete products.
Design and materials are weatherproof and provide protection against rain, snow and sun.
Tents are extremely economical and customized solutions designed to suit the project and in accordance with local building code. Delivery takes place within six to eight weeks of ordering. Tents allow for quick and easy setup of multiple curing environments in one hall.


Kraft Curing Systems
Muehlenberg 2
49699 Lindern

Phone: +49 5957 96120
Fax: +49 5957 961210

Bernd Moeddeken
Sales Engineer
Phone: +49 175 1819964

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