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FELUWA Pumpen GmbH is specialized in the development and design, production, international sales and service of pumps for media which contain solids and are difficult to pump. FELUWA has extraordinarily comprehensive know-how in this field as well as valuable practical experience of many years.

Wherever abrasive, aggressive and toxic fluids and slurries are conveyed, the hermetically sealed, oscillating displacement pumps from FELUWA are recommended and used. Technical excellence, quality and customer satisfaction are the basis for intensive and long-time partnerships with our customers.

FELUWA technology offers optimized pumping systems to the customers for various applications; even for extreme operating temperatures and heterogeneous mixtures with high solids content. FELUWA provides pumps with wide operating range, from small to biggest scale. The FELUWA pumps are able to convey media with flow rates up to 1,350 m³/h and pressures up to 350 bar.

Products and services

MULTISAFE® process pumps are of unique patented design and are especially conducive to the handling of aggressive and/or abrasive fluids and slurries. The redundant sealing of the product chamber from the hydraulic chamber is provided by means of two hose-diaphragms which are arranged one inside the other, although the pump only needs a single one to be fully functional. This new generation of diaphragm pumps is designed without the traditional flat diaphragm.

Diagnostic system:
MULTISAFE® pumps utilize an overall diagnostic system for permanent condition monitoring of primary and secondary hose-diaphragms (by means of pressure sensors), check valves (FELUWA Valve Performance Monitoring System – FVPMS), suction pressure as well as hydraulic and gearbox oil temperature.

FELUWA MULTISAFE® positive displacement pump, triplex design

Pumping of ore concentrate (copper, nickel, iron) at high solids concentration through pipelines is a profitable alternative to transportation by means of conveyor belts, rail or truck.
Hydraulic activated double hose-diaphragm pumps with downflow technology from FELUWA offer the best requirements because they are able to convey large solids with increased risk of sedimentation, allowing for a reliable transportation of critical bottom ash slurry over long distances.

FELUWA MULTISAFE® positive displacement pumps in quintuplex design

FELUWA pumps are designed with relatively narrow cylindrically shaped pump heads when compared to standard diaphragm piston pumps and therefore allow for the arrangement of five single-acting plungers in parallel. When considering high flow and pressure rates, quintuplex design would not be economical for traditional diaphragm piston pumps because circular flat diaphragms would require a gearbox design that would be excessively wide to accommodate the size of the heads in parallel.

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